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Independent Living

independentIndependent Living – are typically for seniors ranging in age from 55-62 and above. They are structured in the form of apartments, town houses or condominiums and the residents reside independently of any formal assistance unless a private aid is hired by the senior. The communities frequently have community rooms with structured activities, such as exercise classes and hobby and meeting rooms. They may offer organized off premises activities such as shopping or entertainment. These type of developments aim to foster community with similarly minded and aged individuals. Communities often referred to as retirement communities or congregate-living communities are specifically designed senior centers with the needs and interests of independent senior adults in mind. Seniors who are physically independent and self-sufficient can best benefit from these communities.

Features of Independent Living:

Depending on the community, independent living can be simple offering only a limited range of services or it can be very elaborate offering extensive and all inclusive amenities for additional rent or fees. Some additional services offered at additional fees by some independent living facilities may include:

• Housekeeping services
• Prepared meals
• Laundry services or laundry facilities
• Club house or community activity room
• Library
• Chapel
• Fitness